ShopKirana is a B2B  e-commerce company focusing on technology and brands that aims to empower retailers to be competitive by providing technology,  operational expertise and scale advantage.

To empower Indian retailers with power of technology and brands.


To equip and integrate Indian retailers with latest technology

The mission of ShopKirana is to integrate Indian retailers with innovative technology that can help them take their businesses beyond the conventional limits of growth.

Improve the margins, productivity and sales of our customers

Great methods and creative strategies often lead to improved success with high margins, better productivity and increased sales performances. ShopKirana is one such platform that helps the retailers to achieve better margin growth and productivity

Increasing competitiveness of customers by optimizing inventory, space, and aesthetics

Guess what? Small business and retail outlets can always have a perk over the screwed competition. We minutely work on optimising inventory and space through data analytics. This increases the money rotation and hence total earning

Providing affordable value added services like logistics, banking, loan, IT, ordering

ShopKirana provides a complete package of services. Our goal is empowering retailers through various means like logistics, banking, collateral free easy loan and technology


Mission Obsession

We are obsessed with our mission of empowering retailers with the latest technologies, knowledge & innovation


We believe in making every stakeholder’s life easy and productive by creating the simplest systems and processes

Conviction with Humbleness

We believe in taking a tough business decision and putting our thoughts across but we are polite while doing it

Execution & Growth Focused

We believe in action vs. discussion. We are a growth-oriented organization


We believe in doing our best in the most honest way even when no one is watching


We believe in earning and giving respect through our behavior and business performance. The aim is to be the most respected organization among stakeholders